Order Pickers


Order Pickers - Ideal for Order Picking

8905 Series


  • 0.2 tonnes
  • 3.0m Picking Height

1159 Series


  • 2.0-2.4 tonnes
  • Low-level Pick



  • 1.0 tonne
  • 6m Picking Height


V Modular

  • 1.2 tonnes
  • 12.5m Picking Height



  • 1.36 tonnes
  • 10.9m Picking Height

When running a warehouse is your top priority, there are many things to deal with each day. You must make sure you can keep up with the supply and demand of your products, get the right orders delivered to the right person, and more.

The one thing you shouldn’t ever have to worry about is forklift or forklift operator errors. Therefore, an option that many warehouse owners have chosen is a warehouse order picker. It is incredibly safe so that your team can get the job done quickly.

Picker Forklift Vs Traditional Forklift: What’s the Difference?

Both forklifts and warehouse order pickers are useful. They both serve similar purpose, which makes many people wonder why they should choose one over the other. To gain an understanding of each, you must first know the many differences between them to figure out which is going to be best in your situation.

Traditional Forklifts

These forklifts are most useful in large warehouses, with plenty of room to move. It requires ample space for forklift operators to maneuver them.

On average, forklifts can carry up to 5,000 pounds, with many being able to carry more. Therefore, they can move pallets of material or goods.

When using it, an operator will sit inside of a cabin where they work the controls of the forklift.

Picker Forklifts

These forklifts are operated in basically the same way. They can carry an average of up to two tons, but some may hold more. Best of all, they can move around in a smaller area or amid closer shelves and racks.

They use forks to pick up and move cargo, though it is typically not on pallets. This is because they are best suited to moving boxes or inventory.

A picker forklift has a base to hold it steady, and the operator can ride up and down on the lift to reach higher shelves. This allows for more precision when handling packages. Exactly how small of an area the picker can work in will depend on the type of order picker that you have.

Two Types of Warehouse Order Pickers

Mid-Level Pickers: These pickers can hold up to 1.0 tons and have a reach of about 7 meters.

High-Level Pickers: These pickers were designed for heavy lifting. They can lift to one to two tons, and some can lift that weight up to 13 meters.

Both options will make it easy for your workforce to reach those higher shelves in your warehouse. They can do it without the risk of falling from ladders. They will also be able to scan before placing inventory on a shelf or loading it onto the lift, which will speed up having to bring it down on a forklift, only to find that they grabbed the wrong box.

Which Option Is Best for Your Warehouse?

When choosing a warehouse order picker, you have plenty of options. Each piece of equipment will have different abilities. If you wish to know which one may be most useful for you; contact us to find out your options.

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