Preventing Tipping Accidents


An intelligent passenger that enhances safety

Counterbalance forklift trucks rarely tip over. However, when it happens, it can endanger the driver’s life and cause significant damage to the truck and the load. It’s generally caused by driver error. In order to reduce ‘human errors’, Linde has developed a unique driver assistance system that sets new standards when it comes to safety. The Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) functions like an intelligent passenger and is available in two versions, LSP Select and LSP Active. In both versions, the driver can always see key parameters displayed on a small monitor. If the driving status of the truck becomes critical, warning colours appear on the monitor, and it emits a warning signal. The Active version of the Linde Safety Pilot automatically intervenes in the forklift truck’s driving and lifting functions.

Don’t depend on instinct

Tipping over a counterbalance forklift truck is dangerous; the driver can be severely injured and the cargo damaged. It’s not easy for the driver to stop the truck from tipping over, particularly if different, unknown loads are regularly being transported. To guarantee their safety, the driver would have to know and be able to precisely assess the load weight, the load center distance, and the required lift height. That is not realistic. In practice, it often comes down to instinct. In both the Active and Select versions, the LSP has a range of sensors that measure data such as lift height, tilt angle, and load weight at various locations on the truck. These key values are displayed on a monitor in the driver’s cabin. The driver no longer has to guess the weight of the transported goods or the current lift height, but can now use them to keep an eye on the level of danger.


Serious accidents involving counterbalance forklift trucks tipping over are significantly less likely using the Linde Safety Pilot.


Load weight

A highly sensitive sensor measures the pressure in the lift mast’s hydraulics. Using known values such as the cylinder diameter and lifting chain gear ratio, the current load weight can be calculated.

Lift height

A specially developed cable length indicator integrated into the lift mast is used for this purpose.

Tilt angle

The accompanying sensors are integrated as standard in all Linde counterbalance forklift trucks.

Load torque (LSP Active only)

On the rear axle, there is a newly developed measuring cell that can be used to calculate the load torque or the load center distance to the front axle.

The LSP monitor displays three versions

  • Safer working area: There are no restrictions.
  • Threshold: The display lights up orange; this means the payload threshold has almost been reached. LSP Active reduces the tilt speed when lifting.
  • Critical area: The display lights up red; this means the payload limit has been reached. A warning signal also sounds. LSP Active adjusts the truck’s functions.

Active intervention in driving

LSP Active also provides additional support to the driver in the form of an active assistance system: If they use their counterbalance forklift truck to lift a heavy load that is on the weight limit, the system emits visual and acoustic signals and slows down the lifting or tilting movement. If the driver doesn’t react, the truck’s lifting motion is stopped completely. The same thing happens when driving. If the driver accelerates the loaded forklift truck too rapidly, brakes too sharply, or goes round corners too quickly, LSP Active intervenes in the driving function. The system compensates for driver error and prevents the truck from tipping over in most cases.

Work faster and more safely using the convenience functions

The Select and Active versions also have numerous convenience functions, from pre-selecting the lift height using integrated load scales, to pre-setting speed limits. This makes operating processes safer and more productive. For example, before a journey, the driver can set the height the goods should be lifted to. Adjustments no longer need to be made during handling, saving time. The integrated load scales weigh the goods in seconds and also contain an addition function. For example, the driver can quickly detect if a truck’s maximum load capacity has been reached. An adjustable lift height and lowering threshold (fork wear and tear protection) help eliminate damage and accidents in advance. This means that low warehouse ceilings or uneven floors no longer present a danger.

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